“RG-4® seemed like the next, natural step for Paragon Vision. Our superb manufacturing and world-class consultation and customer service for Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses set the benchmark in corneal reshaping. While it has become an accepted treatment option in thousands of practices around the world, our senior management team and clinical consultants recognized the need to offer a more traditional reverse geometry design to meet the needs of existing high volume fitting customers to expand our customer base. RG-4® Contact Lenses come with the same strict manufacturing guidelines as Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses, and with our professional team of consultants and customer service representatives, I believe more and more practitioners will turn their interest to Paragon Vision Sciences for all of their contact lens corneal reshaping needs.”

– Joe Sicari, President and CEO

Paragon Sciences' RG-4® Contact Lens has been designed precisely to accommodate the sagittal height of the cornea for effective reshaping. A typical fluorescein pattern should be well centered and have a bull’s eye appearance with a central and mid-peripheral compression zone; interlaced with a narrower tear circulation zone and a peripheral edge lift for tear supply.

These lenses increase successful fitting rates for practitioners who have grown comfortable with traditional four-curve reverse geometry designs and will be offered in two material choices for lens dispensing: Paragon HDS®100 and Menicon Z.

RG-4® Contact Lens Certification and Fitting

Before fitting patients with Paragon RG-4® Contact Lenses, you must familiarize yourself with the Paragon RG-4® Contact Lens Fitting Reference Guide and Certification Manual to learn proper fitting procedure for these lenses. This document is an abbreviated version and does not replace the FDA approved professional fitting guide.

Lenses should not be fit until reading the full FDA approved version of this fitting guide and achieving certification. You may watch the Paragon RG-4® webinar and take the certification test at our RG-4® Training and Certification page.

The Paragon RG-4® Contact Lens specifications are:

  • Lens type: 4-curve reverse geometry lens design
  • Keratometric Range: 40.00D – 49.00D (in 0.25D steps)
  • Power Correction Range: up to -3.00D
  • Corneal Cylinder Correction: up to -1.50D
  • Lens Diameters: 10.0 – 12.4 mm (in 0.2 mm steps)
  • Standard power over-correction in each lens is +1.25D
  • Material: Paragon HDS®100
  • Plasma Treated
  • Laser mark identification code

Lens identification codes are 6-digit alpha numeric code:

  1. First 3 digits refer to Lens Diameter
  2. Fourth digit refers to the Mean K (Beginning with the Mean K range of 46.34D, the Mean K is represented by the fourth and fifth digits.)
  3. Final 2 digits refer to Lens Corneal Spherical Equivalent Target Sphere Power. This refers to the amount of patient sphere power we are attempting to correct. (Beginning with the Mean K range of 46.34D, the target sphere power is represented by the final digit only.)


Suggested Diagnostic Set

The recommended diagnostic dispensing set for
Paragon RG-4® Contact Lenses contains the following:

  • 31 lenses
  • Keratometric Range: 40.00D – 47.50D
  • Target Power: -3.00D

Dispensing and Follow-Up Visit

  • Contact lenses should be inspected and cleaned thoroughly before dispensing.
  • Lens insertion and removal and basic hygiene should be taught routinely. Wearers may add a drop of conditioning solution with head down posture to prevent air trapping in the base curve of the lenses.
  • Tap water rinsing is prohibited. Please see our "No Water Campaign" page.
  • The wearing schedule should be 8 to 10 hours per night, for the first few days or even a few weeks, for reshaping to stabilize. The maintenance wear of 6 to 8 hours per night may be sufficient to keep the vision clear thereafter.
  • Daywear, or wearing lenses during waking hours, is NOT recommended.
  • Only the anterior of the lens edge can be gently touched with a velveteen pad to relieve foreign body sensation. It is NOT recommended to modify or polish any posterior curvature of the lens.

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