Normal Eyes

A Scleral Product That is Logic-Based and Easy To Fit

The design advancements in NormalEyes® 15.5 deliver reduced chair time, maximum oxygen transmission and immediate evaluation using diagnostic lenses, all of which make NormalEyes® 15.5 a practice builder for the specialty contact lens fitter. 

The NormalEyes® 15.5 introduction was supported by the overwhelming need for eye care professionals, worldwide, to have a scleral product that would be logic-based and easy to fit, would deliver desired clinical performance and improve a patient’s sight after their first fitting visit.

dual axis technology Our patented Dual Axis and Proximity Control Technology, both found in our flagship product Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses, allows eye care professionals to strategically control three fitting mechanisms that will meet the needs of patients with an ocular surface disease, such as kerataconus. Dual Axis Technology controls on-eye lens flexure and provides stability by varying the sagittal depths in each meridian. The result is predictable lens centration, exceptional visual acuity and comfort.  

By using crossover technology and fitting terminology found in Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses, Paragon Vision believes that many more practitioners will add scleral lens fitting to their practices and find using NormalEyes® 15.5 to be a seamless transition.

NormalEyes 15.5 NormalEyes® 15.5, manufactured in Paragon HDS® 100, is plasma treated and laser marked for successful parameter identification.It can be prescribed on normal corneas, corneas with regular astigmatism, keratoconus, Post-LASIK, Post-RK, PKP, PMD and DALK. Fitting NormalEyes® 15.5 requires a fitting set, which covers both the steep and flat corneas.

Two NormalEyes®15.5 Fitting Set Options

A 51-Lens Supplemental Fitting Set is also available for purchase to eye care professionals who start fitting NormalEyes® 15.5 wit the 21-Lens Starter Set. NormalEyes® 15.5 is manufactured at Paragon's international headquarters in Mesa, Arizona, and the product is distributed by our Authorized International NormalEyes® 15.5 Laboratory Partners.

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