Accommodate Up To 30% More Orthokeratology Patients

Paragon CRT Dual Axis® Contact Lenses are a breakthrough design and product extension for the therapeutic lens for overnight orthokeratology. Paragon CRT Dual Axis® Contact Lenses will play a strong role in three key growth areas for orthokeratology. The areas impacted are previous consumers or ortho-k wearers who did not start treatment or dropped out due to less than optimal visual acuity, the teen and tween markets, and contact lens wearers experiencing dry eyes and general discomfort.

While maintaining its flexure resistance and its overall thin lens design, Paragon CRT Dual Axis® Contact Lenses feature auto-orientation with no prism or slab off. The enhanced design also improves centration while maintaining an optimum treatment zone and providing a lens perimeter that remains round and planar. The product’s ability to permit independent manipulation of a second Return Zone Depth (RZD) and Landing Zone Angle (LZA), that doesn’t alter the dimension found optimum in a first meridian, expands Paragon CRT® Contact Lens technological superiority.

42.62 / 44.12
-3.00  -1.50 x 180

Treatment with
CRT Dual Axis®
41.12 / 42.75
Plano -0.25 x 180

“Our relentless focus on Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses, GP manufacturing technology and materials, furthers our technological leadership in the area of orthokeratology as consumers across the globe are learning about the availability of Paragon CRT® [Contact Lenses]. Paragon CRT® Dual Axis® will enable hundreds of thousands of new patients who are seeking an alternative to daytime contacts and glasses to have the same benefits of current Paragon CRT® Contact Lens wearers; unaided visual acuity during waking hours. Children love the daytime visual freedom that Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses provide and a growing number of daytime contact lens wearers are realizing that the simplest and, perhaps, most effective solution to their discomfort is not to wear contacts during the day.” – Paragon Vision Sciences, CEO, Joe Sicari

  • Allowing for independent manipulation of a second RZD and/or LZA, or both. 
  • Providing a thin-lens design while maintaining flexure resistance. 
  • Featuring improved centration through auto-orientation without prism or slab off. 
  • Accommodating patients when any of the following are present: 
    • Corneal cylinder
    • 15u elevation difference at 8mm diameter 
    • Incomplete circumferential engagement 
    • Decentration of unknown energy

This video explains the unique design and proper initial fitting of Paragon CRT® Dual Axis® Contact Lens.

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Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses are a unique opportunity to offer alternatives to traditional eye ware and eye surgery. Give your patients better vision without expensive procedures and discomfort.

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