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Paragon Vision Sciences: Quality Manufacturing

At Paragon Vision Sciences, we are committed to understanding and meeting the quality and expectations of our customers worldwide. Our Research and Development Center is located at our headquarters in Mesa, Arizona, where we conduct basic research into contact lenses and product development. We insist on prioritizing eye safety and providing optimum products for each customer while maintaining a stringent safety system. We have established a comprehensive quality management system, which allows our organization to comply with ISO requirements that ensure our products meet the safety and effectiveness that your patients expect and deserve.

Paragon Vision Sciences' Product Line

Gas Permeable Materials

Paragon Vision Sciences has a range of gas permeable (GP) materials that can be ordered in a variety of specialty lens designs for patients with low to demanding visual requirements. From low to mid-range Dk materials such as FluoroPerm® 30, 60 and Paragon HDS® to high Dk materials like Paragon HDS®100, Paragon Vision Sciences is here to supply you with premium GP materials you can trust.


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