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Practice Independence... Myth or Realty? with Dr. Nick Despotidis

Feb 16, 2016. Dr. Nick Despotidis presented a clear picture of how vision care will evolve over the next decade. His insight into the opportunity that lies in developing specialty care within your practice, not with traditional staples like soft contacts, eyeglasses or even eye examinations, was extremely enlightening.

His discussion on how to make this paradigm shift in your practice and dramatically increase your profits and professional satisfaction can certainly boost your practice in 2016.

Watch the replay here.

Children's Refractive Therapy with Jeff Walline

Feb 17, 2016. In this webinar, Dr. Jeffrey Walline discussed various issues and helpful hints regarding children wearing Ortho-K lenses.  He gave detailed reasons for fitting children, myopia control statistics with Ortho-K, and included best practice tips when discussing this modality with the patient and parents.

Watch the replay here.

Global Myopia Management - the consequences of non-treatment with Maria Liu

March 31, 2016. Maria Liu discusses myopia as a global epidemic, especially the increasing prevalence of high myopia and its associated complications that can lead to irreversible vision loss. Included is an exploration of the underlying changes of choroidal and scleral structures, as well as the shape changes related to the progression of myopia. A review of the complex genetic and environmental interactions in myopia etiology is followed by a brief updates on the currently available evidence-based management options for myopia retardation.

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Prevention of Myopia with Michael J. Lipson

May 18, 2016. In this webinar, Dr. Michael J. Lipson discusses myopia as a refractive error and as a disease. He also reviews the identification of and the issues surrounding myopia as well as the correction or management of myopia. Dr. Lipson also presented a review of the significant progress using various methods, interventions and strategies to prevent or delay the onset of myopia.

Watch the replay here.

Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses Certification: The Numbered DDS

June 22, 2016. This CRT certification training session, was hosted by Tim Koch and Ken Kopp, and reviewed the following:

- a brief explanation of how corneal reshaping affects the epithelium
- a review of the CRT design
- proper candidate selection
- lens selection and on-eye evaluation
- troubleshooting and proper follow-up procedures

Tim and Ken also be explained the numbered labeling for the Diagnostic Dispensing System (DDS).

Watch the replay here.

Myopia: Applying the latest research into practice with Daniel J Press

July 20, 2016. In this presentation, Dr. Press covers updates in myopia research and practice management. He also  reviews how he and his team at North Suburban Vision Consultants, a leader in myopia management, are putting myopia research into practice. The goal of this video is to develop a comfort level for adding myopia management into private practice, helping more patients and the practice's bottom line.

Watch the replay here.

Utilizing Topography to Achieve Optimal Paragon CRT® Fitting Success

September 2016. In this 15 minutes webinar, we focus on pre-topography considerations, which are necessary in order to make the correct initial Paragon CRT® Contact Lens selection. The important post-wear subtractive maps are discussed to better understand when changes may be necessary to optimize lens wear. Additionally, the capture process and the optimal map selection procedures will be reviewed, and we'll look at identifying patients who may be contraindicated for overnight Paragon CRT® Contact Lens wear.

About the presenter: Randy Kojima, FAAO, FBCLA, FSLS, FIAO is the Clinical Research and Development Director for Precision Technology Services, in Vancouver, Canada, as well as a Research Scientist and Clinical Instructor at the Pacific University College of Optometry in Forest Grove, USA.

Watch the replay here.

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