A Discussion With Key Opinion Leaders

Myopia Roundtable Panel Update on Myopia

Myopia Roundtable Introduction

Panel Update on Myopia

Quality of Life and Myopia Study

Atropine: Compliance and Effectiveness

Adjunct Therapy: Soft Multifocal and Atropine

C.R.I.M.P.S. Study

How Myopia Control Studies Are Reported

Safety and Efficacy with Corneal Reshaping

Microbial Keratitis and Patient Compliance with Corneal Reshaping

Maria Liu, OD, PhD, Provides an Update on the Myopia Control Clinic at UC Berkeley

Axial Length versus Vitreous Chamber Depth

Appropriate Age To Begin Treating Myopia in Children

The Future of Corneal Reshaping in China

Myopia as a Public Health Issue in China

Corneal Reshaping Should Be the Standard of Care

Biased Amongst MD‘s Regarding Corneal Reshaping or if their Mindset’s are Changing

We Are Correcting, Not Treating Myopia

Practice Integration with Corneal Reshaping; Ophthalmology and Optometry

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