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Paragon CRT Dual Axis® Contact Lenses

Paragon CRT Dual Axis® Training

Host: Ken Kopp, Director, Professional Services, Paragon Vision Sciences

Paragon Vision Sciences is aware of patients who are fit with the standard Paragon CRT® Contact Lens design and just won't complete treatment for some reason or the lens won't position correctly. All traditional attempts to correct the issues were in vain until now.

Enter Paragon CRT Dual Axis® Contact Lenses!! Paragon Vision now has the ability to custom design spherical lenses with different RZD's or LZA's 90 degrees from each other to mimic the contours of corneas that have uncommon elevations. This course details how the lenses are designed and what criteria are necessary to determine the correct combinations of RZD and LZA that will solve under-treatment or positioning issues.