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    Since 1971, the prevalence of nearsightedness (myopia) has increased 66% in the USA. Become a Certified CRT® Professional today.

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    Over 1-million CRT® lenses manufactured and 12 years later, tens of thousands of eye care practitioners around the world have been certified to prescribe Paragon CRT® for overnight corneal reshaping with an unsurpassed record of safety.

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It’s an exciting time to get involved in one of the fastest
growing modalities in the global contact lens market.

Corneal reshaping is quickly entering the mainstream of contact lens fitting, and thousands of practices around the world have begun capturing new market share, while enjoying the incremental revenue that CRT can provide. With mainstream practices focusing on increased profit-per-patient, CRT provides a seamless way to achieve higher profit margins while minimizing chair time.

There are three key areas where CRT is making a strong impact.

1You diagnose myopia every day in your practice, but how often do you address the growing prevalence of myopia with your patients – especially in kids.  Since 1971, the prevalence of myopia has increased 66% in the USA. It is estimated that myopia globally affects 1.45 billion people  and by 2020, this number is expected to grow to 2.5 billion people diagnosed with myopia.

In a recent survey conducted by Paragon Visions Sciences, Inc., more than 80% of responding Certified CRT® Eye Care Professionals reported a growing increase in the prevalence of myopia within their practice and 60% believe the prevalence of myopia has reached epidemic levels. Paragon CRT® is approved to treat myopia up to -6.00D with or without 1.75D cylinder, and CRT is approved for all ages.

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purple-number_2The 8 to 18 market, referred to as tweens and teens, who have myopia benefit from corneal reshaping with Paragon CRT®. Myopia usually begins in childhood at school age (six years and onwards) and can worsen until early adult years and is known to as youth-onset or juvenile-onset myopia. The onset of myopia at an early age brings with it the need for life-long eye care. When left uncorrected can affect a child’s ability to learn and develop.

High levels of myopia double the risk of serious ocular health problems such as retinal detachment, cataracts and glaucoma, which can lead to vision loss and blindness.* Corneal reshaping with  CRT® can provide adolescent patients who are not eligible for surgery with a proven treatment option for addressing the growing myopia epidemic.

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3Soft contact lens wearers who experience the discomfort of eye dryness or scratchiness benefit from Paragon CRT®.  Don’t assume all your patients are wearing their daytime soft contact lenses.

A survey of previous and current contact lens wearers show a 39% dropout rate due to discomfort.  Of these lens wearers 30% dropped out due to inconvenience and hassle, and an alarming 71% said they would probably or definitely not, return to wearing contact lenses.

Wearing CRT® lenses can eliminate the hassle and discomfort of daytime contact lens wear and provide a treatment option your patients will like. It’s comfortable, it’s convenient, it’s easy, and CRT® is FDA approved for all ages.

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In his video below, Professor Brien Holden, OAM BAppSc, PhD Dsc, a world leader in eye health and vision correction research, discusses the prevalence of myopia among the global population.

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For more than a decade, Paragon CRT has been the global benchmark in safety for corneal reshaping.  CRT has the highest FDA approval of up to -6.00D with or without 1.75D cylinder and the highest Dk approval with lenses manufactured in Paragon HDS®100 (100Dk).  With over 1 million CRT lenses sold since 2002 we have a proven track record for safety with twelve adverse events, all of which were resolved. Our CNC lathing provides precise reproducibility and our quality control standards are within 3 microns. Eye Care Professionals worldwide rely on the CRT System for delivering a safe and proven treatment option for myopia.

We Make It Easy To Get Started With CRT®!

  1. The first step in prescribing CRT is to become a certified practitioner.
  2. The second step is to order the 100-Lens CRT Diagnostic Dispensing System.
  3. The third step is to identify CRT candidates in your practice and explain the benefits of wearing CRT for the treatment of myopia.

1  Get CRT Certified

2  Get The CRT System

3  Identify Candidates

How Paragon CRT Is Fit

Base Curve

Base Curve (BC)

The Base Curve, or Treatment Curve, is a central 6.0 mm fixed Optic Zone, and it’s the radius of curvature that flattens the cornea to reduce the myopia.  It is not used for centration purposes. The BC should be centered over the pupil, and the Refraction Over Lens (ROL) should be Plano to +/- 0.50D.


Return Zone Depth (RZD)

The key elements to a successful Corneal Refractive Therapy fit is centration and central applanation. Both are accomplished through the Return Zone Depth.

Since the BC will deviate from the cornea at the periphery of the Optical Zone, it is necessary to redirect the lens back toward the cornea. This is accomplished by a 1.0 mm wide sigmoid curve, the RZD. The depth of the RZD can be varied in 25-micron increments, providing precise applanation or pressure to the cornea, resulting in effective treatment.


Landing Zone Angle (LZA)

The peripheral portion of the lens is called the Landing Zone. The Landing Zone is a flat surface with a radius of infinity and can only meet the curved corneal surface tangentially. Simply select the angle of the Landing Zone to adjust the amount of edge lift.

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Paragon CRT Marketing & Research Materials

Paragon makes it easy for your practice to educate consumers on myopia and how CRT® Brand Contact Lenses are a safe and proven treatment option to correct their nearsightedness. Contact our Marketing Department for assistance with customized CRT® marketing information – we are happy to assist you!


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