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At this point, you should have completed your eye exam and the certified Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses eye care professional has scheduled your initial fitting with follow-up evaluations. You may have questions regarding the process and can ask questions of your eye care professional, or check out the FAQ section of our website. Whatever your question or concern, know that we are here to help. Please contact us if you need further information.


The Fitting Process: What To Expect

Beyond a comprehensive eye examination, the following outline the basic steps involved in the Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses Design and Initial Fitting.

The Fitting: A corneal topography may be performed to determine the shape of your cornea and assist in the selection of an initial diagnostic lens. Based on the information gathered, lenses will be ordered and you will be scheduled for a progress appointment following the first night of treatment lens wear.

The First Night: While wearing the Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses, the differences between the lens and the cornea force the cornea to take on the shape of the treatment lens, which is designed to correct for myopia and astigmatism.

The First Day: The next morning, after hydrating your eyes, the Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses are removed and you should notice improved vision created by the new shape of your cornea. Then, with each night of continuous wear, the effect will increase and last longer. It usually will take between 7 to 14 days of treatment to obtain clear vision throughout your day.

Long-term Treatment: Your certified Paragon CRT® Contact Lens eye care professional will observe your progress and make lens design changes, if necessary, as you continue to wear your Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses. The goal is to establish clear and natural vision throughout your day without traditional glasses and contact lenses.

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Lens Care And Eye Health

Success with your Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses is dependent on following your eye care professional’s instructions for use, care of the lenses and care for your eyes. Please follow their instructions closely. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact their office or Paragon Vision Sciences for any clarification needed. Also, you may watch our videos on Paragon CRT® Contact Lens care.

Ensure you have an authentic Paragon CRT® Contact Lens by identifying the laser mark on the lens surface.

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